Lower Austria

Being Austria?s largest winegrowing region, Lower Austria is divided into the wine districts Weinviertel, Kamptal, Donauland, Thermenregion, Kremstal, Wachau, Carnuntum and Traisental. They all extend in the fertile planes along the river Danube in the northeast of the country.

Home to Austria?s hallmark whites and pioneer in terms of quality production is the Wachau. Its century-long viticultural tradition is rooted on the poor and rocky soils of steeply terraced vineyards. The climate is characterized by the interplay of warm Pannonian air coming from the east and cool winds blowing in from the north ? ideal conditions for growing Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. The Danube, which functions as a heat and moisture storage, ensures temperature equalization. The large temperature differences between day and night contribute to the development of extraordinary aromas and flavors while maintaining balanced acidity.