The mountainous viticultural winegrowing region in the south of Austria includes South Styria, Southeast Styria and West Styria, which produce the most diverse wines on account of the different soil and climatic conditions encountered there. West Styria is famous for its local speciality called Schilcher.

Highly appreciated are Southeast Styria?s expansive Traminers besides a wide range of white and red wines, which all thrive on volcanic soils under the influence of Pannonian-Mediterranean climate.

The smallest district of this province, yet the most important one in terms of wine production is South Styria, which stretches along Austria?s southern border and benefits from Mediterranean influence. Here, not only are the partly precipitous vineyard sites fascinating, but also the wines sourced from them. They display pronounced raciness, distinct varietal aromas and flavors as well as lively acidity.

Typical varietals are Welschriesling, Muskateller, Sauvignon Blanc and Morillon (Chardonnay).